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Based at two of Croydon's most respected physiotherapy clinics in Croydon and in Mitcham, you can be assured that you will receive a professional and expert treatment. Not only this, but our massage treatments are affordable and hence will make a great gift to family or friends.

If you are a sports person or just in need of a general loosen up to sooth away those aches and pains, then come in and see us. You can choose from the following treatments:

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage / Holistic Massage

These treatments are a great way to relieve muscle soreness, tension, anxiety, stress, and tight muscles. It’s also a great way to improve posture, circulation, and flexibility.

Taja, Gina and Alan, your massage therapist, works in association with the physiotherapists and osteopaths in Croydon, so you can expect your treatment will be a little more technical than an average therapist. With physio back up on site, you can always see a physiotherapist for a second opinion if any aches or pains are not resolving.

Gina and Alan work at Selsdon House, Croydon which is at 1 Upper Selsdon Rd, CR2 8DD. We have plenty of on-site car parking at the clinic. For more details you can go to www.croydonphysio.co.uk.

Taja’s main centre is working from Mitcham, which is right next to Mitcham tram stop so you are within easy reach of East Croydon, Merton, and Wimbledon. If you are looking for top quality sports injury rehab massage in Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton and surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. For more details you can go to www.mitchamphysio.co.uk.


What are the Different Types of Massage? How do I know which will suit me? It is important to discuss the types of massage with your massage therapist, as they vary in firmness and style.

Therapeutic / Swedish Massage

Therapeutic / Swedish massage uses a variety of soothing stokes with firm but gentle pressure to create relaxation, reduce tension, and ease aching muscles.

The relaxing & detoxifying effect of the massage helps to restore balance to the body, which decreases stress and increases overall health & vitality in the body and mind. This in turn enables the body’s own ealing mechanisms to work more effectively and efficiently making therapeutic massage a very effective means of combating stress related conditions which can occur when the body is out of balance and we are experiencing unhealthy levels of mental & physical tension.

The effect of the massage is dictated by the speed and pressure of the strokes and can be more relaxing or invigorating depending upon personal preference and the desired results. The treatment can focus on the whole body or be adjusted to concentrate on specific problem areas and will be tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is extremely effective for treating stress and stress related disorders because it focuses on the areas of the body most affected by stress – namely the shoulders, upper back, neck & head.

However, the beneficial effects of the treatment can be felt throughout the whole body and mind, reducing stiffness and tension and leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and revitalised.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage focussing on the deeper layers of muscles, with the aim of relieving chronic patterns of tension in the body and preventing and treating specific sports related injuries.When we are stressed, toxins build up in our tissues & muscles, blocking the circulation and causing the muscles to contract and develop knots. These knots can then cause pain, inflammation and limited movement in the muscles and joints. Stiffness, tension and muscle damage can also occur as a result of overuse of certain muscle groups, whether due to occupational factors or through sporting activities.

A sports / deep tissue massage is ideal for enhancing general mobility, relieving chronic tension and for the prevention and treatment of a variety of sports related injuries. It is advisable to book a course of treatments for long lasting results.A Sports / Deep Tissue Massage is given on a massage table using a basic oil. Treatments typically last for 1 hour. It’s a much stronger and deeper massage, so people can often find it quite uncomfortable unless you are used to it. It’s very good for reducing muscle tightness and lengthening muscle fibres, as well as mobilising scar tissue. Sports massage therapy does not suit everyone, and often people think they want a sports massage but actually want a holistic massage which is much more comfortable.

our team

Gina and Alan, your massage therapist, works in association with the physiotherapists and osteopaths in Croydon, so you can expect your treatment will be a little more technical than an average therapist. With physio back up on site, you can always see a physiotherapist for a second opinion if any aches or pains are not resolving.

alan dolton

Alan Dolton

Alan Dolton began competing in athletics in 1980, which led to him developing an interest in the prevention and cure of running injuries. He trained at the London School of Sports Massage, where he obtained a Diploma in Sports Massage in June 2000. He also has an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. He is a member of the Sports Massage Association and the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage. Alan is also a qualified UK Athletics club coach, specialising in middle-distance and long-distance running. He is the senior coach at local running club Striders of Croydon AC. He leads track sessions at Croydon Sports Arena on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and also regularly leads running groups on Sunday mornings from the club’s headquarters at Sandilands. As an athlete, Alan represented Surrey at 5000 metres. He was a member of the Croydon Harriers team which won the Southern League Division One in 1985, and competed regularly in the British Athletic League from 1986 to 1994. In 1997 he won the South of England over-40 5000 metre championship. He was the Surrey over-55 1500 metres champion in 2012, 2013 and 2016. In October 2016 he represented Great Britain in the over-55 age-group in the World Masters Cross-Country Championships in Perth (Australia). Alan works at Croydon Physio on a Friday and we are really pleased to have him as a valuable member of the team.

Gina Mancini

Gina is qualified in sports massage therapy and works at Croydon Physio. She tours with Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, and has massaged all the stars.

Gina Mancini


When should I get a massage?

Any time is a good time to get a massage. You don't need to wait until you're stressed or injured. Massage works wonders as preventive care for a person's body and mind. A regular massage is a wonderful way to cope with stress, both physical and emotional, and to keep if from causing discomfort or harm to your body. Sports massage is great when you are recovering from a big sports event, or you need loosening up a few days before a sports event.

When should I not get a massage?

There are several contraindications for receiving a massage. If you have any of the following conditions, you should not get a massage:     - Fever
    - Any type of infectious disease
    - Systemic infections
    - Severe cold
    - Fracture, bleeding, burns or other acute injury
    - Liver and kidney diseases
    - Blood clot
    - Pregnancy-induced diabetes, toxemia, pre-eclampsia
    - High blood pressure (unless under control with medication)
    - Heart disease
    - Cancer
    - Open skin lesions or sores (therapist may work around them if localized)

What is not included in a therapeutic massage?

Massage to the genitals. Any client asking for this sort of treatment will be immediately discharged. We are a professional physiotherapy clinic not a massage parlour.

Does the gender of the massage therapist make a difference?

The short answer is no. There is a perception that male therapists can give a deeper massage, and in most cases this depends on the individual therapist.

What if I'm overweight or embarrassed about my body?

We are professionals who have found massage to be a wonderful gift to give to men and women alike, regardless of age and weight. You have no need to be embarrassed about your body. You will be treated with respect and dignity.

What happens during a massage?

In most cases, you are asked to undress to your underwear and lie on the treatment table. There are towels available. If you are not happy undressing, just inform your massage therapist. You do not need to remove all of your clothes if you wish. But your therapist will use massage oil and needs direct skin contact. If you have an issue removing your clothes, you may be better to see a physiotherapist who can do joint mobilisations and may not require direct skin contact.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

Please do not undress completely. You should undress to your comfort level. In most cases it is preferable to dress down to the underwear and you will be provided with a towel. The massage therapist will work around the clothes left on. You do not need to remove anything you do not wish to.

Can I talk during a massage?

The key to a massage is relaxation and allowing yourself to enjoy the experience. If you want to chat during your treatment, that is great, and if you want to relax, that is great. It’s how you most comfortably relax. Some people find it relaxing to chat, and some just want to let their mind float free, and let the massage transport you to an almost subconscious bliss. Many clients talk in the initial stages of a massage, and as the massage progresses, they slip farther into a state of total relaxation and become quiet.

There are times when you should speak up during a massage. If anything makes you uncomfortable, bring it to the therapist's attention. If you're too cold or too hot, the room is too bright and hard on your eyes, or if you prefer the strokes to be deeper or lighter, mention it to the therapist. Bear in mind that some therapists only do a light massage, so they may not go deeper even if you request it. It is just not their style of massage. Feel free to speak up, if something about the massage isn't working for you.

What if a massage wasn't quite what I wanted?

Every massage therapist has their own style, their own approach to massage, the strokes they like to use, and the depth they like to work. Some prefer a more clinical approach, some a more personal approach. Not every client clicks with every massage therapist. The key is to find one who can deliver the type of massage you like best. If you require a certain type of massage or style of treatment, just ask!

How often should I receive a massage?

For those who use massage as preventive care and managing the daily stress in their lives, once a month is about the norm. They may shorten the time between massages during stressful periods. Some come more often just because they enjoy it that much.

Croydon Physiotherapy

At Croydon Physiotherapy Clinic and Surrey Physio, you can get the highest quality physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment from our team. We don't just treat sports injuries, we treat plenty of people with normal aches and pains.

We are a very friendly and professional team, and that's why we are regarded as Croydon's top physiotherapy clinic.

We treat all injuries to the body from back pain, to whiplash, to shoulder pain, ankle pain and more. We are trusted by many clubs, teams and GPs in the Croydon and Sutton area. We regularly get referrals from local GPs, and consultants in Croydon and Sutton.

We use a range of techniques, including manipulation, massage, LASER and ultrasound, acupuncture and rehabilitation.

We treat problems such as:     Back & neck pain
    Tennis elbow
    Knee pain

Croydon Physio at Selsdon House, 1 Upper Selsdon Rd, CR2 8DD is a fantastic venue situated just 10 minutes’ drive from East Croydon, and is right next to a few bus routes the closest being the 412) There is ample free parking on site. The clinic has four fully equipped treatment rooms, and on-site gym and Pilates rehabilitation studio.

Croydon Massage, linked with Croydon Physio, as Taja is our therapist and one of our team.

To book a consultation, call 0208 685 6930.

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        United Kingdom

  • Rate:
        1 1/2 hours: £80.00
        1 hour: £60.00
        30 minutes: £30.00
        Half-day hire (for events): £150.00
        Full-day hire (for events): £250.00

  • Telephone No: (0208) 685-6930
  • Website: http://www.croydonmassage.co.uk/

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